Respect Woman

Respect Woman

It is evening 6.45 PM in Chicago and I am back from office,took shower and relaxing. My employer arranged nice stay at a decent restaurant with all goodies.But I have mixed feelings of excitement and emptiness.

I am very excited because it is my first on-site visit to USA and tomorrow I am going to see some places in Chicago Loop, specifically 108 floors Willis Tower. On the other hand I am missing something. What is that??? …… You are right!! I am missing my home and my family.

No matter in which 5 star hotel you are staying you won’t feel as comfortable as at home. No matter what exciting things you are doing all day long, at the end of the day you feel like going home and be with your family. This is how most of the people feel. Why? Because we get habituated to the place we are living and we feel comfortable with the people we are living for a long time.

What if you are told to leave your home permanently and live with an unknown family for the rest of the life!! Isn’t it scary? The thought itself makes me deadly scared. But that’s what happens for most of the woman after getting married!!

Imagine how painful it is for a girl to leave her home and her family and should become part of an unknown family. She has to leave behind all the beautiful memories with her sisters and brothers.. she has to leave behind the warm feeling of mom & dad’s pampering..she is going to miss pillow fights with her sister forever..she is going to miss the hangouts with her best friends..

But, she accepts all those challenges dreaming of the bright future with her husband.

Now what are YOU doing for her? How supportive you are in her new life??

I am NOT going to describe the way many people treat their wives..because we all know that!!

But let me tell you few things:

  1. Remember that “Nobody would give birth to a beautiful girl, raise her by giving good education and protect her for 25 years and one day send her into an unknown family as an UNPAID MAID for the rest of the life”. She is a HUMAN BEING..just like you and me. Treat them as Human Beings…with Respect.

  2. Are you such a great person so that girls should go crazy and pay lakhs and crores of rupees as dowry and come to your home to serve you??? A girl may think to pay dowry to marry Sachin so that she can proudly say “I am Mrs. SACHIN..wife of a LEGEND”.. But Who are you?
    (Note: I am not saying Sachin should take dowry..I am talking about what should motivate a girl to pay dowry to marry you)

  3. Realize that Woman also have their own goals and their own likes and dislikes. Respect them. Give them space to let them live their own life too.

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